Why Social Research?

Source of Knowledge. 

Many stories in the Quran are teachable lessons stem from society. We learn that at the time of Musa alayhi salam women had to carry out heavy-duty work and there was no safe space for them to carry out their tasks until Musa alayhi salam moved the large boulder to allow room for the women to water their flock. We learned about how easily a woman's reputation can be disregarded in the effort of a smear campaign as was done with Aisha radi ullah anha. Social Research is a source of knowledge to the surrounding community that may be ignorant of its existence in the present. This piece of knowledge will help guide the direction of the community's preferred social path.  

Informs Community Planning

Too often the community reacts to situations that are suddenly exposed to the public when they may have been boiling under the surface of society's eye for many years. Sometimes events are organized without any reliable or relevant information. Social research allows activists and organizers to know in real-time authentic, relevant, and evidence-based successes and issues of their community.  And with knowing comes better planning for community growth.


Preventative Structures to Create Solutions 

We have to stop chasing solutions to the problem and instead find the cause of the problem. Change must occur from the top in order to remove the ailments riddled in society. When structural changes are made as long term solutions the welfare of the community develops and prospers. 


Prediction. Growth. Innovation.

With relevant research, we can determine what current social laws strengthen or hold our community back and in doing so we can grow and develop in our social living standard. We can alter current social laws and introduce innovative ways to understand, learn, and research our community's dynamics. 

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