Why Power Groups?

Birds of a Feather Soar Together


UMI developed a sustainable  grouping system with  individuals of similar experiences to act as  communal mentors.

In these power groups, individuals are prompted to discuss enthralling edge-of-your-seat topics and taught to defend and question their comfort zone. 

Provoke Thought

Research shows that women are most effective when in groups! Get your Girl Gang together so you can accomplish the most of you!

Life Planning

We plan for everything in our lives, from the colleges we plan to attend and classes to take, to the schools our kids go to, to our professional development, to our vacations. So why do we lack in planning our own lives?

It's about time we prioritize ourselves first, not out of selfishness, but for optimization's sake!


Have you ever been with a group of friends, maybe even those you've grown up with, but find that your discussion is sometimes limited? You've grown up and no longer share similar experiences. Even though you're still content with your friendship, sometimes you feel like you're missing out on a second opinion. 

Sometimes all you need is  someone who has been in your shoes , gone through the same life changing experiences , can reassure you that you're not alone, gives the right kind of encouragement and provokes the right kind of dialogue.

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