Ummah Movement Institute approaches empowerment through a three-tiered structure revolving around the growth and the fixed mindset. The first tier involves a higher level of growth-mindset fed by scientifically conducted research and publications developing and creating a healthy paradigm shift. The second tier caters to those with an equally fluctuating balance of growth & fixed-mindsets. The most malleable of the groups, second-tier specializes in breaking down research results into digestible practical action items which are found in ‘UMI power groups’, UMI discussion workshops, UMI blog, and UMI life coaching. Lastly, the third tier revolves around those with a higher level of fixed-mindset and tend to be the most susceptible to those living under injustices. This tier approaches educational development gently through UMI videos, infographics, and ‘UMI Khatib Services’.


Although UMI is in the service to empower women, it takes pride to keep men from being victims of the same biases that develop a hotbed of hypermasculinity, which eventually impacts and limits the progress of what female femininity truly means. UMI is on the crux to empower both men and women to achieve the best version of themselves. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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