Power Group Structure

Power Groups create an uplifting, supportive network of women through facilitated discussion, personal development, and promoting community engagement through 5 elements.

Life Planning
Power Talks
Field Engagements
Paying It Forward

Power Up Your Group 

How you choose to power up your group is up to you! We have some suggestions that may help you run your group more smoothly. 

Power Group Logistics

  • Keep it small and sweet! The UMI team suggests 5-10 people max to achieve an optimum level of deep interactive engagement! 

  • Location varies from group to group. If at all possible meet up face to face for a Power Talk. If it's not plausible, worry not! We live in a tech savvy world with many opportunities to virtually meet up!

  • Meet up weekly for at least 8 weeks. 

  • Each meet up is recommended to be an hour to an hour and a half  long.

Power Group Norms

  • Begin with a Surat Al-Fatiha and renew intentions to gain Allah's pleasure

  • Decide what your Power Group Goals are

  • Keep what you learn of your peer group within the group to maintain the trust. 

  • Use speaking 'stems' for higher level discussions as you address each other during Power Talks. Check out this document for tips. 

  • Be present physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially! We're all in this together and we must rise together.

  • End with a closing dua'a  and conclude with Surat Al Asr to gain ultimate reward.

Power Up & Run a Power Group

Life Planning

  • Take the  Pre-Powered Survey, 5 Week-Powered Survey, and Post-Powered Survey.

  • Create Vision Boardsand here are 7 reasons why! 

  • Using the UMI Planner, develop and check up on minor milestones to reach the visionary goal you have for yourself.

Power Talks

  • As a group, choose 5 challenging discussion topics that will take place in a span of 8 weeks.

  • Use our UMI Suitcase to help find relevant articles and videos to help spark your Power Talks. Or you can find outside resources that shed light on the 5 chosen topics.

  • The facilitator prods the group with questions and does not answer. She will act as the opposer's advocate to entice response and encourage each member to articulate their stance and to defend it. 

  • For the most effective idea-challenging Power Talks, carry out the conversation using the method of a Fishbowl Discussion.


  • Using a Myer-Briggs Personality test  coupled with intuition, each member will pair up with a co-mentor/mentee who will be goal check-in partner amongst other things insha'Allah. 

Field Engagements

  • Plan at least one group field engagement ahead of time to increase bonds!

Pay It Forward!

  • As a group, decide how to share your experiences with the community. It can range from blog posts, infographic, video, whatsapp campaign, Khutbah script, etc. 


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