We are committed to creating and sustaining preventative structures to
empower Muslim women in their local area through
localized social research, power groups, and enlightenment campaigns to effectively address the roots of societal inequities and
get the Ummah MOVING. 
Social Research

Why does it matter what issues your community really goes through? Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Everyone of you is a guardian and is responsible for his charges...." Take hold of that responsibility by changing the tide of ignorance through local specific social research that empowers soul-changing, life-defining community movements. We dare you.

Power Discussions 

Like a good book that can't be put down, power discussions leave you wanting more. Provoke your thoughts in mind-blowing discussions that tug at the core of your curiosity and passion, all while building a strong bond with yourself as well as bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood.


Enlightening, Quick, and Easy to share.  

Enlightenment campaigns give you the most bang for your buck. Drawing in from the most empowering research and power discussions, these campaigns are meant to set off a communal dialogue and explosive share-out. Get riveted by the ideas of impact and check out the Infographics and videos.

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